The organizers will cover 100% of the transportation cost with the support of the European Commission, so, before you settle back into your routine and tell your friends about how much fun you had interacting with people from different cultures, you need to make sure that you have all of the necessary documents for the reimbursement process. Keep in mind that some hosting organizations will make the reimbursement in the last day of the project, so you'll need to have all the documents on hand!

The golden rule for the reimbursement process: until you get your money back, don't delete or lose any tickets/invoice/boarding passes!

How do we make the reimbursement process easy?

✔ Each project will have a dedicated folder in Google Drive. You will have access to this folder.

✔ There you have to add the boarding passes and any tickets purchased other than the plane tickets, scanned in A4 format (we recommend the Office Lens app for that), within 7 days after returning from the mobility.

✔ The Mobility Center team, after those 7 days, will create the reimbursement form, in which we will include all the documents we find in the folder. This is why it is important to rename the document with your name, after you add it to the folder, so it's easy for us!

✔ The host organization will ask for your original train / bus / subway tickets, so before leaving, be sure to scan them so you can add them to the folder!

✔ The MC team will send this reimbursement form to the organizers, and after receiving the appropriate amount, we will refund you to the account you gave us when you completed the mobility contract.

Most of the projects will have a session dedicated to this topic, but it’s better to know ahead of time what you need to prepare.

  • Take into consideration that only the travel plans that are approved by the organizers will be reimbursed, so never buy your plane ticket without our guidance!

  • Just Economy class and Second class tickets will be reimbursed. You need to choose a low cost airline.

  • Business or first class ticket will not be reimbursed.

  • All local transport tickets must be purchased online: for train tickets and for STB tickets. In case you buy train/bus/metro tickets on the spot, you are required to scan them, send the copies to us within 7 days after returning from the mobility, and the hosting organization must receive the original tickets.

Documents that you will need:

  • ORIGINAL tickets, boarding passes, invoices or bills with the ticket price.

  • ORIGINAL train/bus tickets, with the date and price visible.


  • The E-ticket is a reservation in an airline’s computer system, one that advises them you have a ticketed seat confirmed on a particular flight. The e-ticket will have the reservation number or e-ticket number, which you will need for your online check in. You will get your e-ticket on the e-mail address you provided during the reservation process and you will not need to supply pages of printed e-ticket at the airport.

  • The invoice or bill is the document that has the total amount of money you paid for the ticket (+tax). Some airlines send you one by default, other times you need to request one during the reservation process.

  • A boarding pass is a document provided by an airline during check-in, giving a passenger permission to enter the restricted area of an airport and to board the airplane for a particular flight. It identifies the passenger, the flight number and the date and scheduled time for departure. We advise you to check in online, to save time on the day of the flight and to be able to go directly at the security check in the airport!

After the project, all original tickets must be left with the hosting organisation, but not before you scan all of them and add them to the project folder (Each project will have a Google Drive folder with all the tickets). You have to scan all of the local transport tickets and boarding passes that you did not get online. For scanning the documents, we recommend the app Office Lens.

And there you go, you’re all set! Now all you have to do is board the plane and try to be as open minded as possible. Interact with people, make new friends, ask questions and never say “no” to new experiences!

Some organizations will make the reimbursement of the travel costs in the last day of the project, but in other cases you will have to wait a few weeks or months. Our obligation is to reimburse the participant for the transport costs for which he has submitted complete supporting documents, within 5 working days of receipt of the transfer from the host organization.