Most of the time, before the project starts, you will be asked to do some research on a certain topic regarding the situation in Romania and prepare a little presentation.

In our opinion, the most important aspect is to work together with the other participants. Divide the tasks as fair as possible, so that no one does all the work and the others do nothing. More important than the excitement of visiting a new country is the active participation in the project.

While doing the research, try to find trustworthy sources and try to include the right pictures. Nothing’s worse than a presentation where every slide is filled just with text!

Pay attention to the design as well! There are a variety of online programs which allow you to create interesting content:

Don’t worry if you have not worked with them before. They are really easy to use and the final product will look amazing!

If the topic of the research is related to GEYC's main areas of expertise, you can find more information about them here:

An important part of every project is making sure that the group dynamic is working, and a sure and fun way to do that is through energisers! A lot of the times, you will be asked to propose energisers before sessions, so we thought it might be useful to give you a few ideas: