A group leader is an adult accompanying the project participants of youth exchanges. The leader will ensure the protection and safety of participants, guiding them in the learning process and can have roles of facilitator, moderator and expert on the topics addressed in the projects.

We understand the importance of having people well trained to take on leadership roles, hence why we developed the European Fellowship on Youth Leadership (EFYL), a complex programme of youth leadership initiated by GEYC in 2017, under the aegis of PRISMA European Network. Its objective is to train young people to assume the role of group leaders in Youth Exchanges, and we achieve that goal through various stages: Bootcamp, job shadowing, practice, get involved.

The group leader:

  • Distributes tasks and responsibilities for participants from the group or in accordance with their interests and knowledge;

  • Where there are minors, the leader deals with visa and informs the members of his group of the steps to be taken;

  • Facilitates communication of participants in national groups;

  • Reminds participants the protection and safety measures, practical and organizational issues, program activities, group rules, taking into account the identification of concerns and expectations;

  • Ensures that participants have all travel documents;

  • Ensures that the participants are equally involved, encourages working in intercultural groups and intervenes if any of them faces any sort of difficulty of integration into the group;

  • Ensures that participants are aware of the reimbursement rules (Provide GEYC with scanned copies of transport tickets that they have purchased on their own within 7 days after the completion of the mobility and provide the hosting organization with the original tickets purchased on their own);

  • Facilitates discussions.