The European Solidarity Corps provides a range of quality and support services for participants and participating organizations. You will receive:

  • SUPPORT TO LEARNING - General Online Training (a set of training modules), Language Learning Support (depending on the Action, Language learning support takes the form either of a grant, either of an online course via the Online Language Support platform), Training and Evaluation (pre-departure training, ensured by support organizations, on-arrival training, ensured by the National Agencies or host organization, annual European Solidarity Corps event), Mentoring (regular meetings between the mentor appointed by the host or support organization and the participant);

  • RECOGNITION OF LEARNING OUTCOMES - Every young person taking part in European Solidarity Corps activities is entitled to go through the Youthpass process and receive a Youthpass certificate at the end of the process. Please see the page dedicated to recognition & Youthpass for more details.

  • INSURANCE - Participants in cross border activities must be in the possession of a European Health Insurance Card before arriving to the host country. Those participants who are not eligible for the European Health Insurance Card free of charge shall be entitled to receive a primary coverage through the insurance provided by the European Commission. Those that are eligible to a European Health Insurance Card free of charge or are registered in the host country’s national health system will obtain complementary coverage from the insurance. The enrolment of the participants to the insurance scheme is done automatically through the system and the hosting organization is responsible to make sure that all the information about the activity is encoded in the IT Tool provided by the Commission. The image below summarizes this, but this is only for you to make an idea of what you are entitled to, because the hosting and support organizations will give you assistance with this matter as well.